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Perfect Travel Backpack Packing Guide



Packing can get really stressful, knowing what to pack for a long or short journey ain’t easy specially if you pack to much or forget the important essentials, we have created this packing guide to help you through your hard packing times, after so many years learning what to really pack, what really matters, what will you miss and what will you regret taking. While you might want your entire wardrobe to fit in your backpack, packing light, important items relevant for your needs will make your journey stress free! IMPORTANT NOTE: Roll all your clothing properly to save space and always pack the heaviest at the bottom of your backpack.



  • Passport – Photocopies of your documents
  • Health & Travel Insurance
  • Debit Travel Card
  • Gadgets – Camera, Laptop, etc
  • Medicines & Small medical kit
  • International drivers licence
  • Microfibre Towel




I will always pack a small toiletry bag with all my essentials for the plane. Deodorant for freshen up, some mints it’s always mint! face wipes to make you feel clean after sleeping on the plane, hand sanitizer for the times you don’t wan’t to get up to go to the bathroom or for a quick clean, under eye concealer as I can look very tired after a long journey specially if you haven’t had enough sleep, I also like to bring some nice smelling hand cream and some chopstick to keep my lips moisturized as I find with the cold air-con my lips can get very dry, last but not least a long boyfriend cardigan or a long sarong to keep me warm, wrap myself up as I always feel I’m in a ice bar.




  • First of all make a list separating essentials and desirables, it always helps!
  • Pack a week before and over pack at first to asses exactly what you would like to take and then you narrow it down.
  • Don’t do it all in the same day, take time and you’ll pack light.
  • I prefer to bring some of my old clothing so I can donate them after I worn them for a while as I have always done so far,  it’s the most rewarding feeling ever and the greatest of it all is you get to buy new clothes yaaaay.




Relax, wherever you are going, go with all your heart, enjoy your amazing trip and have fun, at the end of the day it doesn’t matter if you have forgotten something there’s always a solution to everything and if there isn’t it isn’t worth worrying about.



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